Only the green tables are still available. All are 6' tables.


2023 tables and tickets are available NOW.

Step 1- The Vendor Portal link is: https://portal.conventionforce.com/index.cfm?aid=721. Set up an account profile for yourself. Once you have created your profile you will be presented with an option to view the map and select a table(s). All the info with a red * is necessary. Your profile contains the same information already available on QRZ with the exception of your phone number. Your company name is your callsign, and your business type is "Hamfest Vendor."


Step 2- Visit interactive map. Choose your table(s) from the available spots. The available spots are colored green. When a spot is taken the table becomes "greyed out" and is unavailable for purchase. See the photo here of what the map looks like.


Step 3- After selecting your table you will be directed to add the number of tickets you wish (see bottom of the page) to purchase and then be given the opportunity to check out. Check out after adding the number of tickets you need.

Please note you may return to the map, if you wish, to add another table. You may add as many tables and tickets as you like, but you must have at least one (1) ticket to buy a table. 


Step 4- Check out. At the top of the page you will need to type 3 things into the box to purchase- your card number, the expiration date (MM/YY), and your 3-digit code from the back of your card. Note- AMEX has a 4-digit code on front of your card.

The actual secure transaction is processed by Stripe. You may complete your transaction on Stripe's secure server. Our club never sees your credit card information. You will immediately receive a receipt. Within 10 days you will receive your table voucher and ticket in the USPS mail. 



The Vendor Portal link is: https://portal.conventionforce.com/index.cfm?aid=721

Once a table has been purchased it is yours. No one else can claim that table.

You must have at least one (1) ticket to participate. You may purchase any number of tables or tickets, however.

If you run into difficulty, please email Gerry at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. I will phone you and walk you through it. 

Thank you for partnering with us this year!