Protect your gear in stormy weather!

It's no secret that the stormy season in Ohio will soon be here.  It’s also no secret storms can be devastating to amateur radio stations. 

"I usually disconnect antennas when there is lightning about but I am still nervous.  One of my friends (not a radio ham and with no big antennas in the air) who lived in a normal estate home had his home struck years ago and it took out lots of his household wiring. The chances of a direct hit are rare, but I am always bothered and never quite sure what the best advice is," says Roger Lapthorn, G3XBM.

 Mike, KF7VZZ, adds, "Regarding your rig is a good thing, respect the electrons! If your grounding system is maintained and you’re diligent in unplugging the feedlines (mains as well) all should be well. Watch it: tomorrow I’ll get a surge on the dipole…"

What about those times when you have done all you can to unplug, ground, etc. and still fall victim to mother nature? Fortunately, the ARRL has an insurance program that covers your gear from direct physical loss worldwide. 

Insurance Plan Coverages

  • All Losses are settled on a replacement cost value. (Replacement cost is the full cost to repair or replace the damaged property or actual cost to reproduce property with other property of equivalent kind and quality).
  • Deductible of $50 per claim.
  • This policy is designed to protect the following described property against all risks of direct physical loss or damage subject to policy exclusions.
  • Property Covered: Equipment coverage for ham radios including accessories, antennas, rotators and towers; data processing systems, computers and component parts; data and media.
  • Where Covered: Coverage applies to covered property Worldwide

To protect your gear, or for further information go to ARRL Insurance Program: Equipment Coverage Application