Don Rankl, our MARC President

Keeping it FUN, Keeping it SIMPLE


With all that is going on in the world when it comes to amateur radio, there’s no lack of negativity swirling around. When it comes down to it, if you’re not having FUN it may be time to step back and take a breather.

Amateur Radio is meant to add value to your life experiences and not take away from the enjoyment of your hobbies or other personal pursuits.

If you’re tempted to get caught up in the politics of a particular social media thread or post I recommend you turn it off, walk away, and give it a rest.

When you come to realize that anything of great value does tend to have its visits by the naysayers, the rumor mill, or the doomsday crowd, then you will also learn that all good things sometimes aren’t perfect. But in the end, you are in control of your approach, your associations, how you feel, and what you choose to “do” with amateur radio.

MARC is always committed to staying on track in the “FUN” Department. If we do get off-track, make sure to call us on it, and we’ll do our best to make corrections and improvements.

As we approach the 1-month window before the BIGGEST operating event of the year – ARRL Field Day, make plans to enjoy our great hobby and leave the negativity in the dumpster.

We’ll be having FUN!


Don Rankl – N8IVJ