Don Wade, MARC Club President
Come operate the Club station at Field Day!

Well folks we have reached the end of the year 2022. Some of us had setbacks we never expected I for one never thought I would be in rehab 3 months plus with COVID.


As most of you know I got home this last Saturday but could not help with the parade . I of course listened to the entire parade on the club temporary UHF repeater 442.850 with good coverage. I am pleased that so many stepped out in the cold and hopefully went to the NOOK for hot chocolate.


The Holidays are upon us as is the New Year 2023 just around the corner. Our dollar will not go as far this year but maybe Santa has brought you a new radio or equipment for your shack.


This year I will help my grand kids as this is their 1st Christmas back in Ohio and a new home . My grandson in law is in Jordan working as a DOD contractor and has about 7 more months over there. Please remember our MILITARY members and families at this time as they keep us free.


As I said earlier, I will not be president next year now more than ever because of my health but that doesn't mean I won't be around but will help mentor and help with any club projects I am able too. I hope our NEW officers can step up and lead our club when times are tough and offer help.


I would further hope we have classes again for new hams and help others upgrade. You are the club, and the club would not be here without you . Your ideas are important and don't be afraid to say something if you have something of interest for our next year in projects & events like a QRP POTA, a fox hunt, SKCC CW, or one of the many contests. Let’s see if we can enjoy something outside like Field Day. I believe Winter Field Day is coming up.


Remember GET ON the AIR use our repeaters. I know I will be listening more now.


You made this a great year and may GOD bless each and every one of you and family a SAFE holiday!!!!



Don Wade, W8DEA

MARC President 2022