Don Rankl, our MARC President

I just heard back from Scott Yonally. He says that Sep.1st is open, and he will be joining us for our upcoming club meeting. I fully expect him to be elected as the new ARRL Great Lakes Director in 2024, and it is an honor to have him join us.


I would like to take a moment to invite any of our neighboring clubs. Many have taken note of our activities and approaches and it has been refreshing seeing some of the old-timers coming back around as well. You are welcome here!


For those who haven't heard Scott speak, you will really find it as time well spent. There's a lot going on with the potential government "takeover" chatter with regards to the amateur HF spectrum (like the 220mhz years). We need to be as unified as an organization as ever along these lines going forward. One can't beat hearing it from the top dog himself- and Scott is our guy.


Scott is extremely passionate about amateur radio in general and has a really fun and genuine spirit as well. Scott also has a great sense of humor and a wealth of experience from a life spent in ham radio. His presence is a delight!


We have quite a handful of newer members who will appreciate the insight from the top as to why we consider our organization an ARRL-Affiliated Club as well as a Special Service Organization! Scott will make us proud to be a part of the ARRL as well as amateur radio as a whole.


Come join us Friday night at 7pm for a great time of fellowship and fun!