Don Wade, MARC Club President
Come operate the Club station at Field Day!

Update on Don- Don left Mercy hospital recently and is rehabbing at Laurels on Hills and Dales, east of Wales Rd. Don is receiving visitors.


Don has stayed apprised of club matters, and has some thoughts for this FEEDBACK.


First of all, Don paid special attention of the article, “Rebuilding an Amateur Radio Club for the Future” in September's QST Magazine.


This article chronicles the rebuilding of the York Amateur Radio Society, a club that had fallen on hard times.


We learn about their change in culture to a warm, friendly and welcoming club atmosphere. We read of their move to servant leadership, how they engaged their membership, embraced technology and social media.


Don encourages everyone to take a few moments and read the article for themselves. It can be found on page 78 of the latest QST (QST (arrl.org).


Also, Don wishes to thank you all of your prayers and good thoughts. They are very important to Don, as are the visitors he has received.


Don wishes to point out the upcoming service opportunities in the months ahead. Those opportunities appear in this month.s FEEDBACK.


It is Don's hope everyone will take ownership of our upcoming hamfest at MAPS. This event carries our good club's name, and your support, attendance, and advertisement of this event is highly appreciated.


Spread the word to your family and friends. If folks have questions, please direct them to the club website and/or Facebook page.


And this applies not only to the MARC Hamfest, but also to the club in general. When you encounter those wishing to explore ham radio as a hobby point the way! Fact is- we are all “the club” to all who see us.


Don is looking forward to completing his rehabilitation, getting stronger and returning to his daily routine and responsibilities and remains excited about all that is happening here at MARC.



KG8RRY for Don, W8DEA- President

Massillon Amateur Radio Club