Don Rankl, our MARC President

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Have you resolved to finish a winter repair project (from 3 winters ago)? Have you resolved to clean out your shack and make several needed repairs “behind” the operating desk? Have you…. (and the list goes on) ?


Much like the rest of life, it is easy to procrastinate in amateur radio too! The result can ultimately be feelings of guilt, frustration and even anger at times.


While everyone has a unique series of challenges and things going on in their personal lives, “ham radio” shouldn’t be a source of stress or anxiety to add to the burden!


My “resolution” moving forward (no expiration, and not just on January 1st) is to “resolve” to keep amateur radio a bright spot in my life!


If you find yourself being overly frustrated with “ham radio” – maybe it’s time to take a break and recharge - not quit, not run away, not let your license expire, but how about just a little bit of a breather!


Several times along the way I’ve needed a “break” from amateur radio and all things related. Sometimes it was a year, others a few months, and still other times just a couple of days.


When you find yourself becoming overly judgmental of the voices on the local repeater, or when some new (obviously untrained) individual asks a “stupid” question on the long distance DX net, or letting the jabs from “Mr. Extra Class” make you feel inferior for not upgrading, and you find your eyes are rolling into the back of your head attending yet another club meeting….stop, take a breath, walk away and regroup. Spend a day with your spouse or family, go for a walk, do anything NOT ham radio related for as long as it takes!


You know what? Before long you’ll realize what a blessing amateur radio has been in your life ! You’ll be drawn into the things that sparked your interest back in the beginning of your journey.


Strive to keep things fresh, light, enjoyable and fun! You’ll also remember that it’s the people who are involved with whom you cherish most and their friendships - not the tower project, not the upgraded license, and not the regret or guilt of your past radio days or unfinished repairs!


Before long you’ll be “back to your old self” and having a blast!


Make sure to provide a little space for others along the way who may also be “mending” their attitudes and adjusting their journey in amateur radio! Above all, remain an ambassador of the highest degree so as to ensure amateur radio will be around for many generations to come.


Resolve to keep amateur radio a “bright spot” in your journey! And, as always – feel free to share in the Massillon Amateur Radio Club’s journey whenever it feels right for you!


Don Rankl – 73, de N8IVJ